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RE: Recent motor melt down

I'm not sure here, but guess Mercedes consequently used timing chains
rather than belts.
I've seen a comparision of the timing belt change intervals recommended
by various car makers. They vary from 60k km (37.5k miles) to 100k km
(62.5k miles). I can find that magazine and post details if anyone is

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
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> Speaking of timing belts.  My friend is insisting to me that all 
> manufacturers, namely benz and porsche recommend that you replace the 
> timing belts every 30k miles..I insist that i know that the
> recommended 
> change interval is 60k...who is right? i think i amsince everything on
> this list has always been 60k and in every ad and book that i have
> read 
> it is the same....
> what do you think
> later
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