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re: Proprtioning valve & ABS

You wrote:
<<...I am installing the adjustable proportioning valve to keep the correct
balance between front and rear braking forces, such that neither the fronts
nor rears lock up first. I set up a 914-6 with 3.3 liter turbo brakes, but I
did not have to contend with ABS. So my first question is how do I ascertain
lock up front Vs. rear when the ABS system intervenes during testing? I am
mostly curious about this, as the point may be moot as I will obviously go
with the proportioning setting that yields the shortest stopping distances
as measured on the gtechpro. I am kind of curious though.>>

I know that earlier cars, such as my '91 200q, had an "anti-lock" off button
on the dash.  Similarly, if you lock the rear diff, it automatically disables
the antilock.  Seems like some judicious review of the wiring diagram from my
'91 and your later car could tell you which wire would (temporarily) disable
the antilock, and allow your testing.  Actually, I like the ability to disable
antilock, especially up here in NH where it snows...

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q

I can review the wiring diagram with you if you'd like