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Do not use Militec in your trans

I advise aall Qlisters strogly to stay away from Militec in their
autoboxes. I used is and it made my slushbox slip badly. I haven't taken
it out, but I used another additive to keep it from slipping. Funny thing
about Audi transmissions: you really don't know they're slipping'till it's
too late, or you do something and it starts working right again. It got to
the point that it wouldn't shift in to third because it was going so slow.
Full throotle 2-3 took almost 6 seconds once. That's when I said enough. I
put enough additives in with my Mobil 1 to make it shift nice and crisp.It
didn't have the slushbox quality. With Militec, shifting is slow, too
progressive, too soft to the point that you don't know if the shift was
completed or not. Truly a snake oil in the worst sense.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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