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Re: Do not use Militec in your trans

Sachelle Babbar wrote:

> I advise aall Qlisters strogly to stay away from Militec in their
> autoboxes. I used is and it made my slushbox slip badly. I haven't taken
> it out, but I used another additive to keep it from slipping. Funny thing
> about Audi transmissions: you really don't know they're slipping'till it's
> too late, or you do something and it starts working right again. It got to
> the point that it wouldn't shift in to third because it was going so slow.
> Full throotle 2-3 took almost 6 seconds once. That's when I said enough. I
> put enough additives in with my Mobil 1 to make it shift nice and crisp.It
> didn't have the slushbox quality. With Militec, shifting is slow, too
> progressive, too soft to the point that you don't know if the shift was
> completed or not. Truly a snake oil in the worst sense.

Thats funny. It takes sand paper to get militec off of metal.
And you added an additive to get it off. Hummmm
I shure hope you did'nt over fill your slushbox.

I never thought useing Militec in any auto tranny was ok.
You need the friction on the bands and clutchs for it to work.
And Militec removes a lot of friction and may make an auto trans slip.