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Re: Dealer insanity

j g shepard wrote:

> Went to my local Audi dealer today to get a center support bearing for my
> 4kq. The parts guy said I couldn't get that part because there is no part
> number for it on his computer. He said "Your only choice is to buy a
> remanufactured drive shaft for $736."  I then told him how insane he was.
> This must be a replaceable part. I have successfully replaced it on other
> cars I have owned. Does anyone know if the center support bearing has a
> part number? If so what is it? By the way these are the same guys that
> said there was no Bentley available for this car. I am losing my patience
> with this dealer.

If you think thats bad. Try and get a window lift cable for the power
They will try to sell you the whole door frame for a $80.00 part.:-P

1990 CQ