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CQ Tahrs

Apologies for the narrow (nay personal) BW of the following question:

(a)  I  MUST buy some new rubber in the next few hours.
(b)  My driving is 99.95% commute on dry hwy, BUT like many of us I
need to take it to the snow a few days a year.
(c)  And I'm a cheap-ass so $100.00 is the max
(d)  SO my local Wheel Works has the following choices...

1 - Bridgestone Eagers
2 - BF Goodrich T/A  HGTA?
3 - Falken FK-06U
4 - Michelin MXV4?

ALL are H rated (yeah, I know the std is V) but fall within the price
range.   Like the tread on the Falken's and could afford the V rated,
look like performance trires, BUT concerned about depth of tread
(wet/snow) and durability.  Shop guys claim Eagers are the way to go
(at this price).

Eliciting BTDT ASAP!!!
Thanks for your suggestions
Derek Daily
90 CQ needs some more tread to play in the snow tonight.