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Paint code for 'black' paint on UrQ -82 -Reply

>>> Jonas Sultan <jonas.sultan@lnd.martinsson.se> - 1/30/98 4:53 AM
My car has now been butifully re-painted in Tornado Red - the only
thing missing now is the 'black' paint on B-pillar, around rear
window, boot lid and window / roof fitting. 

What kind of paint should this be??? Glossy or non glossy - paint
code anyone? The painter wants to use the correct paint (I thought
there was only one 'black'...).

Please respond privatly - the painter wants to finish the job on
Please respond NON-privately!!!
Others may have an interest in this...hint-hint.

Derek Daily
86 VW qsw 
(T Red and faded...black B pillar needs a coat of that _plasticized_
black paint)