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re: Pirelli P7000 SuperSport

i've had these on my v8 for a year or so now.  very happy with them.

some notes:

- with a M+S rating and a treadwear rating of 320 they are clearly not a
all out performance tire.  however i've found that the dry grip is
excellent but this may be because i've gone from a 215 to a 235...

- using the latest silica compounds (expensive, but worth every cent)
wet grip is super.  since i have dedicated snow tires, my experience on
snow/slush is limited, but they seem better than the dunlops that i
used to have.

- water excavation is also super, every bit as good as the PZeros and
P700z's on my other cars.. 

- the construction is the same jointless method that dunlop likes to
highlight.  pirelli doesn't publicise this much, but it sez so on the
sticker that they attach to the tire.

- with the rounded edges, turn in sharpness is not as sharp as i'd like

- comfort and noise levels are also super.. i'm running with 44 psi up
front.  the Pzeros are noticeably harsher riding without being
significantly sharper. 

all in all i find the P7000 to be an excellent modern tire.  it's
expensive as phil says, but you get what you pay for, unlike goodyears. 
warmly recommended as a "compromise" tire.  in my case i find that it does
everything exceedingly well except for the lack of turn in sharpness.