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Re: 91 200TQ Brakes

i believe one of our australian friends weighed them and came up with
something like 10%.  i don't know about the rest of you, but i consider
10% to be pretty significant, something that i can definitely feel.

i recently upgraded from 15inch to 17inch wheels with total weight going
from 45 to 50 pounds per wheel/tire and i can definitely notice the
difference.  likewise when i was on the 15inch wheels and switched to the
50 pound steel wheel/snow tire combo in the winter there was also a
noticeable change.  and finally when the UFO brakes were converted on my
car there was also a very nice feeling of lightening. 

there was also much discussion recently on the 993 list and one lister was
distinctly unhappy with the extra unsprung weight of the 18inch wheels
which caused poor ride, sluggish response etc.  he had another 993 w/
17inch wheels and weighed and swapped them with very interesting results.
sorry, i don't have the stuff archived, but the gist of it was that
the extra unsprung weight made an enormous difference to the car's
behavior, something which agrees with my own experience.


OTOH, the weight unsprung or otherwise of the UFO system is not
significantly higher that the "normal" brakes, if memory serves. I'm too
lazy to
check the archives, but I believe the heavier business was shown to be
purely anecdotal.

91 200q