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90 V8Q "Surging"

 -=> Jfried911 illuminates us with <=-

 Jf> I'm new to this list. and to Q ownership...so go easy!

 Jf> My '90 V8Q (is this the right notation?) with about 86k surges when
 Jf> accelerating.  It's most noticeable off the line up to about 30 mph,
 Jf> and then again between 50 and 70.

 Jf> Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?

     The Oxygen Sensor and the Quattro Archives.  This problem
     was discussed extensively on the list in the past, and
     the posts are probably all in the Archives somewhere.

     A hall sensor, bad oxy sensor fuse amoung others have
     been known to cause the surge.

     When I changed the timing belt on my V8Q, I forgot to
     replace the hall sender plug and left it disconnected
     from the distributor.  To my surprise, the car ran fine,
     except that it surged, I never would have thought that the
     car would still run!



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