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'84 5KS total loss???

Well, this month has been one of the worse I can recall.  At least it's
almost over, and the rest of the year can only get better.

Not to contradict Murphys Law, the wife was driving the 5KS (173K
miles) down a nice quiet residential street when...BAM, an idiot
backs out of a long driveway without bothering to look back and
hits the left front fender and bumper of the 5KS.

The copper radiator (brand new), AC condenser, fender and who
knows what in the suspension are now junk.  I got an estimate
from a local body shop for $2500+, with suspension damage "open".

Monday I'm going to the Drive in Claim Center, and was wondering
whether they can Total the car for book value (very little) and
keep the car, or whether I can get enough out of them to fix it
and keep it on the road. I'm NOT after the $2500+, just a
reasonable amount to get some boneyard parts and a new radiator.
I can do all the necessary work myself. The wife really likes the
car, and so do I.  

This was probably the only '84 5KS on the road that needed NOTHING,
I've never spared time or expense in fixing the "typical" problems,
what I've spent on parts in the last 2 years would add up to twice
what book value is.

If anyone has BTDT in a case like this, please post your experiences
or tips in the matter.

I don't know if it makes any difference, but the Idiot's insurance
company and mine are the same, I just have the minimum liability
on my car.



'90 V8Q
'84 5KS (hopefully for a long time to come)

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