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4k chin spoilers...

>Since I received several inquiries yesterday about whether my spare chin
spoiler is >for sale -- it's NOT, btw -- I thought I'd remind everybody that
I loaned one of my >two to Todd Candey, who in turn made a replica with
fiberglass and is selling them >for $125.  He doesn't have email access at
the moment but his telephone no. is (8470 >758-0688 and when I talked to him
Wednesday evening, he said he has several >available immediately...

Although most people probably figured out my mistake, Todd's actual
telephone no. is (847) 758-0688 ... don't forget that he also has lots of
other replica panels available too, such as Ur-Q fenders, sport Q hoods,
front & rear Ur-q valance panels, 200q hoods, carbon-fiber radiator shrouds,

He's decided to turn his former "hobby" into a business and I encourage
everyone who's in the market for these sorts of things to give him a call
... it's a lot easier than trying to make them yourself!
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