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Re: CQ Tahrs

    If you truly are thrifty, go for the Michelin MXV4 Energy tires. I just
put a set of these on my '91 200q this summer. They ride smooth, handle in a
reasonably crisp fashion, and actually DELIVERED a 10% increase in gas
mileage just like the ad said! I know, I know, its hard to believe an ad
held a grain of truth, but I continuously track my mileage and the increase
is there!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  245k km
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From: harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com>
Date: Friday, January 30, 1998 5:12 PM
Subject: Re: CQ Tahrs

>First of all, I would like to claim the cheap crown. My tires come off
>wrecks in my salvage yard. But to the point, my current tires are the
>Michelin MXV4s and as far as cheap tires go (which they definately are)
>they aren't that bad. They have lasted about 5000 miles now without
>significant wear like most of my tires show at about this age.
>harrison (cheap king)
>Derek Daily wrote:
>> Apologies for the narrow (nay personal) BW of the following question:
>> (a)  I  MUST buy some new rubber in the next few hours.
>> (b)  My driving is 99.95% commute on dry hwy, BUT like many of us I
>> need to take it to the snow a few days a year.
>> (c)  And I'm a cheap-ass so $100.00 is the max
>> (d)  SO my local Wheel Works has the following choices...
>> 1 - Bridgestone Eagers
>> 2 - BF Goodrich T/A  HGTA?
>> 3 - Falken FK-06U
>> 4 - Michelin MXV4?
>> ALL are H rated (yeah, I know the std is V) but fall within the price
>> range.   Like the tread on the Falken's and could afford the V rated,
>> look like performance trires, BUT concerned about depth of tread
>> (wet/snow) and durability.  Shop guys claim Eagers are the way to go
>> (at this price).
>> Eliciting BTDT ASAP!!!
>> Thanks for your suggestions
>> Derek Daily
>> 90 CQ needs some more tread to play in the snow tonight.