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Tire squeal on grass (absolutely no Audi content)

>From: allan.olesen@post3.tele.dk (Olesen, Allan)
>Subject: Re: Part Deux - Euro driving tips
>My only USA experience is from watching Hollywood movies. One thing I
>have never understood:
>How the h*** do you americans make your tires squeal on grass or dirt
>- --=20
>Allan Olesen


Nothing to it, really. The same guys build these cars as build the
spaceships in Star Trek, Babble-on 5, etc. These space ships make noise
which you can clearly hear even in the total vacuum of outer space. No
problem, dudes. All you have to be is totally ignorant of basic physics.

Back in the late 50's or early 60s, the then-chairman of the FCC, one
Newton Minnow, was asked what he thought of television. His reply was "A
vast wasteland." Now, with 500 channels of cable, if he's still alive, it
would be "An incredibly vast wasteland."

Thank god for the real world!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman