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Re: CQ Tahrs

I'm also looking for new tires, and was wondering if anyone had any
experience with Conti Contact CH95's.

At 09:51 AM 1/31/98 -0500, R Cohen wrote:
>At 11:05 AM 1/30/98 -0800, Derek Daily wrote:
>>Apologies for the narrow (nay personal) BW of the following question:
>>(a)  I  MUST buy some new rubber in the next few hours.
>>(b)  My driving is 99.95% commute on dry hwy, BUT like many of us I
>>need to take it to the snow a few days a year.
>>(c)  And I'm a cheap-ass so $100.00 is the max
>>(d)  SO my local Wheel Works has the following choices...
>>1 - Bridgestone Eagers
>>2 - BF Goodrich T/A  HGTA?
>>3 - Falken FK-06U
>>4 - Michelin MXV4?
>If responsiveness is any concern to you, steer clear(!) of the MXV4s.
>I had them on my CQ for a month before I invoked my local tire dealers 30
>day satisafaction guarantee. The were exceedingly smooth riding. That sums
>up the positives,in my experience.
>My mechanic had them for a while on his 5000, but didn't like them for the
>floaty feel it gave his car. My brother has them now on his Stealth, and
>wishes I'd have warned him.
>I replaced them with Dunlop D60's, and have been reasonably happy with the
>feel they give my car.
>Good luck,