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RE: CQ Tahrs

>From Lee Levitt[wheelman@shore.net]
>>From: harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com>
>>First of all, I would like to claim the cheap crown. My tires come off
>>wrecks in my salvage yard. But to the point, my current tires are the
>>Michelin MXV4s and as far as cheap tires go (which they definately are)
>>they aren't that bad.
>Oh yes they are. Phooey. I had a set of these on my 200 and couldn't
>wait to peel them off. They *sucked*. They felt like rental car tires.

My feelings also.  They came on the used 1994 90CSQ I bought.  After 3000 miles I couldn't stand it any more.  Bought Hakka snows for the winter, had them mounted on the rims the MXV4s were on, and threw away the MXV4s.  (Still *plenty* of tread left.)  Very vague steering feel, *no* grip.  For a cheap tire I much prefer the Yoko 509s.  (Won't be buying them for this car, though.)

>>They have lasted about 5000 miles now without significant wear like
>>most of my tires show at about this age.
>You'll wish they wore more quickly. They are designed to be a long lasting
>tire...with the resultant lack of traction. My Hakkas handle better than
>they did!

My experience exactly!