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Re: A4 oil usage

Interesting that you mention this problem.  My wife mentioned this morning
that she heard a ticking sound on her '93 100S.  Fearing the worst, I went
out and checked the oil.  My suspicians were born out, in that the level
was over 2 quarts low less than 4k miles after the last change.  I hope
it's not typical.

At 09:54 AM 1/31/98 -0800, Jeff & Staci Hemmerlin wrote:
>My father is the owner a 96 A4 2.8 quattro that uses 3 quarts of oil
>between dealer oil changes (7500 mi).  The car has about 30,000 mi on it
>and there are no puddles in the garage.  Is this normal for this engine.
>The dealer has been told about the oil usage, but they tell my father that
>it is normal and nothing to worry about.  
>	From my eperience this is not normal and I would consider it "bad".  I
>have a 83 ur-q with 105,000 mi. that uses half a quart every 3000mi.  My 95
>S6 with 65,000 mi. has not used a drop of oil.
>	Is it time to play hard ball with Audi?  or is this normal and nothing to
>worry about.  As always your advice is appriciated.
>Jeff Hemmerlin
>95 S6
>83 ur-q