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Re: Where's my brake fluid going?(`88 90q)

You're probably leaking fluid from the rear seal of the master cylinder
piston, and it is getting sucked into the engine and being burned.  I
realize you said the pedal does not fade away, but it may not be
noticeable.  Remove the master and check..........SLM

At 05:30 PM 1/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>    Could someone please help me with a brake problem .
>The car is a `88 90q. I'm needing to top off the brake fluid reservoir
>about every other day.
>It leaks to the point that the dash light comes on. No problems with the
>clutch master or
>slave. The brake calipers are all ok .
>There seems to be a large leak coming from  the bottom of the brake
>booster. As far as I can tell the leak
>is not coming from the reservoir sealing plugs that connect the
>reservoir to the master cylinder.
>The brake booster passes the Bentley test of pumping and starting the
>engine and looking for the pedal
>drop. The pedal does not fade away after pressing hard for an extended
>period. (I'm thinking
>if the brake master cly. was on it's way out the pedal would collapse
>after awhile.)
>Is there anyway that the brake fluid can enter the booster causing a
>leak? I've noticed that the Bentley
>suggests that the "O" ring must be changed when the master is replaced.
>Has anyone seen this
>"O" ring fail.
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Barry M

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