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Re: Emissions [WAS: Re: A4 IC]

>Its interesting to hear that other states are adopting dynamometer based 
>emissions testing ... there's been a bit of a popular backlash to the new 
>requirements here in California ... perhaps we aren't even the most 
>stringent today ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)

Maryland now has full dynamometer testing, including a special setup for
AWD.....I got VERY lucky a few days ago; I went to get the inspection done
on my '88 90Q, and waited in the special line for AWD.  The four-wheel dyno
broke while the car immediately in front of me was taking the test....not
clear exactly what happened, but they were still trying to get the Camry
wagon off the dyno when I left (since their only AWD machine was broken, I
lucked out w/the simple sniff test instead).  Yikes!.........SLM

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