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Re: Noisy hydraulic tappet?


The same thing happened to me with my 85 q  coupe 5 cylinder engine 
with 145k km on the tacho when I bought it from my neighbour a year 
ago. I thought it would be much nicer if there would be no tappet 
noise so my garage replaced them. I am telling you that the noise is 
almost the same as before and it has nothing to do with my choice of 
oil wether it is Tamoil semi-synthetic or my favourite Castrol 
Synthec RS with 10W-60 grading so I use the RS all the time. However, 
the noise should go when the engine is on for about 30 seconds or so. 
The garage people are telling me that it is not uncommon that they 
have 0 KM new cars with tappet noise ... I think this tells it all. 
When you turn on the engine, there is only one way to eliminate the 
noise: Turn on the stereo and give it some decibel...

Regards from Gabor 85 qCoupe