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Re: Noisy hydraulic tappet? (thanks!)

Sun, 01 Feb 1998 I wrote:
> Starting the car this morning I noticed a distinct tapping noise from
> the cylinder head. I think I it could be a noisy hydraulic tappet.

Thanks a lot to all who responded to my mail. You made me feel much more
comfortable ;)

The funny thing is that the noise hasn't appeared since then, but I will
take it as a warning.
Guess I better put an oil seal and a set of tappets on '98
Audi_Spares_Budget, but I will move the issue from my Things_To_Do_ASAP
to my Things_To_Do list. I'll probably do it together with my upcomming
timebelt/waterpump change.

PS. No vacuum pump on this model.

Flemming Christensen