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gun-head population, minor Audi content

>I have a mental picture of a country populated by gun-heads, none of whom
>shoot straight.
>- -- 
> Phil Payne

Some of us can.

There's a guy named Jeff Cooper, ex-marine, about 70, I think, has a column
named "gunsite news". (Do a web search on it for the exact URL.) He's an
amazingly well-spoken and very literate man, and I believe he drives an S-6
as well. (end of Audi content.)

He teaches a handgun marksmanship course, somewhere in Arizona - many of
his students are law enforcement types, including some DEA, FBI, CIA, etc.,
and when he's done with them, they CAN shoot straight.

He does, however, relate TRUE stories of people who can't shoot straight,
including some of the above people, presumably before they've taken his

Three of my favorites are:

1) Two bad guys are attempting to rob a convenience store, idiot #1 yells
"Nobody move!", idiot #2 goes over the counter to empty the register,
whereupon idiot #1 promptly shoots (and kills) him. Well, he WAS warned!

2) Two Miami policemen are answering a call about a possibly rabid dog. Dog
attacks Patrolman #1, who yells "Help! Help!" Patrolman #2 fires 9mm at
dog, hits Patrolman #1 in leg. Upon realizing that this is NOT what #1 had
in mind, fires again in attempt to ameliorate the situation, hits Patrolman
#2 in OTHER leg. Dog's reaction was unrecorded, and it is a safe bet that
Patrolman #1 requested a change of partner once he was released from the

3) Lunatic stands on balcony in Houston, takes potshots at freeway traffic
using .22 rifle. SWAT team arrives, lunatic ordered to surrender, fires at
SWAT team in reply. SWAT team opens up with everything they brought (looks
like CNN footage of Baghdad during Desert Storm), lunatic does swan dive
off 6th floor balcony, arrives on ground dead. Autopsy shows he died of a
broken neck. He has EXACTLY - ZERO - bullet holes in him despite 300+ shots

Kevlar vest, anyone?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman