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Rallye de Quebec

Hello to you all,

The Quebec rallye is almost around the corner and it's one of the 
best ones this side of the atlantic.
If you are a rally fan, this is the one to see. Rallye de Quebec is 
about as close as you can get to a european event (it used to count 
for the world rally championship in the late seventies).
Following is a brief description of the event, I hope some of you can 
make it.

February 13 - 14 - 15, 1998 
It's part of the: 
North American Rally Championship 
Michelin Canadian Rally Championship 
Coupe du Quebec 
Carnaval de Quebec! 
See the Bonhomme from up close: again he will give the start to every 
Indoor Parc Ferme on Friday night 
National stages on Friday night 
Start at 7:30 pm in front of the Palais de glace. As usual! 
New downtown stages and forest stages on Saturday 
Roads perfectly maintained in winter 
Over 60 miles of twisty forest stages 
120 miles of stages for 400 miles total 
Traditional Hippodrome Stage 
Early brunch on Sunday 
Completely new roads North and West of Quebec! 
Organizer: Alain Bergeron 
418-683-1059 - fax 
Registrar/infos: Pierre Racine 

E-mail: rallyeqc@oricom.ca 
Website: http://www.oricom.ca/rallyeqc/

Jose V.