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Re: Cam belt idler

Sachelle Babbar wrote:
> How much does the idler cost? Thing is diagrams don't show it. I think
> turbos have it, but n/a's don't. Do they fail often? How are they removed?

N/A's certainly do have it. BTDT last week on an '86 4kq. The idler was
about $35 from Carleson. You need to buy or make a special puller.
Getting it off is not the hard part. Getting it on is. At least on a 4kq
where you have very little room between bodywork and engine. I managed
to get a narrow hardwood board to fit in a slot in the bodywork and
hammered the pully home that way. Do not use the center bolt to pull the
pulley home to the engine. I have heard this is a very bad thing to do.