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Weather/Adventures Re: Boston Area Dealers and Loaner Cars

> Cheers!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> ... definitely having fun splashing through the puddles in the urq today!  :)

We had another adventure comming back from Steve's house. Last time it
was the broken clutch in the 4k. This time I returned the borrowed tools
to Steve. We visited a while and let the 2 little girls play, then
proceded home. Thankfully we were driving the "big" Q as the skies
really opened up. We were driving on the infamous highway 17 and it was
raining so hard that visibility was extremely poor. A few feet at times.
Here is a case where you definately want to stay in the left lane, as
the right lane has it's share of fallen trees, mud slides and lakes. Not
to mention at least three vehicles that have gone off in an 8 mile
stretch. This was serious weather. There were thick streams of water
across the road in many places, but I had no trouble with hydroplaning.
I came around one corner and there was a 2 foot deep lake in the right
lane. The car behind me and to my right drove right into it. All I could
see in my mirror was a huge explosion of water. There were police cars
everywhere trying to tend to the vehicles that went off. Luckily this
story has a good ending. The Q delivered us home safely.
Kool Aid? Who can say?