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Re: deep snow

Wendell Gurley@TOYOTA
02/04/98 08:26 AM

I've driven mine in 15" snow and it will do it.  It will embarrass 4wd
SUV's and pickups especially.  Less ground clearance, but the awd system
lays down much more traction.  The trucks just look at you with a blank
face.  Damage could be a problem on crusty snow/ice.  Particularly the CV
boots, and the alternator belt might squeal/slip or break if its old.
Consider it a fun, but hard-use type of entertainment.

At 12:37 2/3/98 -0500, David M Sugerman wrote:
>    Am curious to find out the deepest snow that my fellow quattro pilots
>driven (played) in. I have used mine in up to a foot, but never anything
more unless
>you count having to break through piles from plowed to unplowed streets
that concist
>of chunks up to 20 or so inches high. Am I endangering the undercarriage
>differential when I do this?