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Re: Fuse/relay panel

Hairy green toads from Mars made Alex Rosser say:

> A spiffy new problem cropped up recently. Occasionally the windshield wipers
> will refuse to stop running. The fail mode seems to be as follows: Have the
> intermittents wipers on, and after a while, they'll start to "double"(instead
> of one sweep across and park until the next cycle, they'll do two sweeps at
> speed, then park). After a couple of trips like that, they'll flip into
> non-intermittent mode, and turning off the wiper switch doesn't stop them. I
> inadvertantly(while batting at the wiper stalk and swearing) that if the
> swicth is in the "dead" space between the "fast" and "very fast" speeds on
> the stalk, the wipers will stop, until the switch gets jarred and knocked
> back out of the dead spot. Rebooting the car(turning it off and back on)
> seemed to fix the problem once, on another occasion it didn't.

This sounds like the park switch is broken. This is the switch that
tells the motor that the wipers are "parked" at the bottom, and it
is OK to turn off.


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