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83 Ur-Q Electrical Upgrade

In message <34D9D141.C528E202@deltanet.com> "Paul E. Rivera" writes:

> It sounds like and based from experience tha this car needs it's
> electrical system upgraded to the new fuse box.

Equaivalent to which model year?
> I want to upgrade the braking system to ABS, and I have a few other mods
> in mind.

Depends on the target year for your wiring.  Have you got the auto-check and 
speech synthesiser?  The diagrams are different for that, and the brake light 
diagrams change after 85-DA-901742.  You'll have to use original Audi looms, 
either from a wreck or new from Audi - I believe they're all still available.

If you can read .TIFs and know your target year and features, I can send you 
the European (German) versions of the wiring diagrams.  URQ_14 is the basic ABS 
diagram - it's 184KB.

> 91 200 TQW
> 93 S4
> 94 S4

You'll need those.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club