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Grinning 2

>Grin, how _do_ I put this nicely?  I think we _expected_ a
>quattro to win the event.  No, I KNOW we expected a quattro to take FTD!
>What was this certain driver's time?  Was he in the "experienced" class?
>Best I heard was 78.xxx out of a white/beige/champagne 5k(100? 200?) sedan.
>Sounded powerful.  I was not unthrilled, giggle, to be honest, I expected a
>bit more out of you quattro people;).  Yes, this might be a challenge!  Any
>Colorado quattro listers want to come to some concrete autocrosses?  It
>might rain.  Grin - we never see you at events!  Anyone who would like to
>get involved with Colorado autocross or Solo Trials, please contact me, I
>can help you out.  A friendly challenge;), I was driving a stiffly
>sprung(500# springs) VW Scirocco, and my best was an 85.xxx - the best I
>saw from my newfound Audi friends was a 78.xxx.  Might have missed
>someone's runs, I only worked timing and scoring for the second group.  I
>should sincerely hope that a 4wd car which has lots of power and a
>compliant suspension would be faster than what amounts to a roadrace car
>with the swaybars disconnected and Blizzaks.  Grin.  I guess this is a
>roundabout way of inviting all of you Colorado people to come to more SCCA
>sanctioned SoloIIs and Trials.
>Not trying to really make anyone mad, just stirring the pot:).  I was
>simply not aware that we were "not thrilled" that a quattro, the world's
>most renowned snow and ice car got FTD!  I really do think "we" expected
>it, I know I did.  Now, if we'd beaten all of you, well, heh, then there'd
>really be something to talk about!  Going to take a while to figure out how
>to drive something on ice where the parking brake does not work.  Hmmm.
>Should be a lot of fun, though!
Interesting post Mr. Mannix....  I expected a specific AWD to win the event
too, maybe a local driver in Experienced Class with an Eclipse, or the Galant
with the ProRally sticker.  I run 1 Ice Event a year, Steamboat.   We could
look really carefully at the scores and the event and say, hey, the local Mr.
Leach got to run back to back runs, lives there, and one could argue that the
rules should have included a more clear clean run clause, since the vehicle
needed assist to get off the track after his fastest, but DNF if it hit the
cones on the other side.  I never drove the winning 88 5ktq at ANY track
before, and qualified for Novice Class by the Rules.   Regardless, a win is
just that sir, always has been, stirring the pot, happy to.  An 85sec time tho
noble, was average for all the cars competing.  As a ex-ProRally driver of an
A1 Scirocco, I find your parking brake comment interesting.  If you used the
parking brake at the Steamboat event, you lost time, period.  Considering the
FTD was won by .2 seconds, sir, I think you, an autocrosser, should understand
that 7 seconds is forever.  The Eventmasters' Drivers meeting comment "this is
not a horsepower event" seems to put that 7 seconds in better perspective.  

This is a fun event, and looking forward to more of the RallyCross Series.
Maybe some better classifications of AWD audis in SCCA might bring more to
your Solo parties.  In the meantime, I'll smile at the weekend, the win, and
your post.  500# springs on a scirocco and handbrake turns?  I feel confident
that you could do better with both "claims".  

Looking forward to next year.  Wecome to the List.  

Scott Justusson