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re: normal oil temps

>From years of race engine building/driving and years of flying piston 
powered planes, I've learned that 180- 200 F is a good operational range. 
 As you approach 220, it is time to be concerned and if you reach 240F 
reduce power and change the oil in the near future! 
 Also very low temps are not desirable for hard running since the oil 
will not lubricate as designed. Yes, multiweight oil can help with cold 
oil but low water and low oil temps with hard driving are a formula for 
premature engine wear.  No synthetic mult grade oil has a limited life.  
Extended time/ milage and or high temps will cause oit to break down to 
the lowest visicouty in its range.  No one wants to drive hard on 10 
weight oil!  Richard

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