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IC-TB hose cheap replacement (long)

To the Qlister that mey have a bad IC hose (sorry, I deleted your letter):
this is the cheapest, most reliable replacement you can get. Can you
afford $5? I've tested mine for about a year at 2.1 bar levels with no
trouble. Go to NAPA. Others may have it, but I used tham because they give
me free stuff. It helps to have the throttle body size with you. Buy:

1. a length of NAPA rubber hose about 4" longer than the distance from the
tb to ic. Remember the tb is on an angle when figuring length. The
diameter will be that of the throttle body. It's 3", I believe.

2.Get the diameter of the ic outlet. Buy a piece of rubber heater hose for
it. NAPA sells truck stuff, so the sizes aren't a problem

3.WIDE hose clamps. The narrow ones won't keep the hose on the tb under
engine torque.

Procedure: Slip a piece of the smaller hose on the ic outlet. Just enough
length to cover it,no extra. This acts as an adapter. Next you will have
to trim the larger tb hose on and angle so when it's slipped on, it will
align properly with the ic and tb. Make sure the underside slips on
completely at the tb. It's hard to see, so you must feel. Put the hose
clamps on before slipping the hoses on. Make sure at the tb that the hose
goes as far all around as possible. Clamp as tight on the tb side as
possible. The thickness os the hose will make up for thermal expansion.
Clamp the ic side tight, but not too tight. Remember it's plastic. You
will have a certain amt. of "crush" because you're using two hoses over
each other there. Drive away. Immmediately over good factory and Samco
hoses, you will notice more power (seat 'o the pants) because of the
smoothness of the hose and its larger diameter. I have observed that it
will flex and stretch with engine movement so no troubles there. It may
cave slightly under vacuum, but don't worry about that, it'll inflate
under boost. Oil doesn't collect inside the hose for whatever reason, so
it will never soften and blow. The damn thing just stays dry inside. It's
probably rated for twice the pressure that it'll ever see. I think it's
used for truck radiator hoses. You'll see a lengthwise stripe with NAPA
and the name of the hose on it. It may cost a little more than $5 just
because you would have to buy 1 ft. min. lengths, but all in all, it'll be
under $15 probably. Good luck.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

Disclaimer:"Any information contained herein is based purely on my own
personal experience and may not necessarily reflect yours. Use caution as
your results may vary from mine."