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re: Bose /CD changer/general audio question

You wrote:
<<What I'd really like to do is set something up where I have an FM modulator
and a jack under/near the dash where I can just plug in my portable Sony
Discman when I want a CD player, instead of getting a whole changer. Is this
feasible? I'm not much into car audio, but this seemed like a reasonable

Rob:  even easier, buy a cassette adaptor for the portable player (about $15
or so).  Did this for years; but then you need a mounting place for the
portable, and hope it doesn't skip too much.  I've got a car mount plate that
provides power and limited shock resistance, that can be mounted in the car.
Now, I have a cd changer.

Otherwise, the FM modulator in the rear antenna lead would work fine, but you
would also need a power switch to turn on/off the modulator.  I get lousy FM
when mine is working; then again, I'm listening to CDs when mine is working...
Chris Miller, windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q bose with fm modulated
6 disc changer in trunk.