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RE: Bose /CD changer/general audio question

> Q -
> I've got the Bose stereo in my '91 200Q, but not the CD changer. I've heard
> reports that the radio is "All set up" to hook up a FM modulated CD player,
> but what does that mean? Is the antenna adapter already in there, or what?

According to the Bentley, there are a few other items added to get the CD 
Not having it in front of me right now, something like the changer itself 
(trunk), a diversity antenna adapter (console behind radio?), a changer 
controller module (behind glovebox), and the wired changer remote.

I asked the service manager (also being a PO) about this (adding the factory 
changer) when I got mine in October, and he said that it (or this particular 
car at any rate) wasn't prewired like that - "that" being just plug in the 
changer and go, like A3 VWs. I don't know if there was an option to add the 
changer controls minus the actual changer, but that just sounds silly now that 
I think about it. I would expect evidence of this add-controls-delete-changer 
would appear in the form of a multi-pin connector floating around in the trunk, 
which is what Klaus said he looked for.

> What I'd really like to do is set something up where I have an FM modulator
> and a jack under/near the dash where I can just plug in my portable Sony
> Discman when I want a CD player, instead of getting a whole changer. Is this
> feasible? I'm not much into car audio, but this seemed like a reasonable
> idea.

Other than finding a modulator with the proper connections for your Discman, 
the only problem with this would be the dual antenna system. My Kenwood gets 
pretty decent reception from only the rear antenna (AM+FM, front is FM only), 
but I think I live in an area where the diversity system wasn't doing anything 
for me anyway - i.e. no tunnels or tall buildings. I believe Chris Miller 
(c1j1miller@aol.com) put a modulated changer in with some initial diversity 
problems, perhaps he could share with us recent progress on the antenna front?

Having progressed from cassette-Discman to indash/changer myself, I must warn 
you that not having to juggle adaptors and Discmen while driving is way more 
fun, completely aside from the sound quality issue. Probably safer too, yeah 
that's it. And 6 cds are not quite enough, 10 are just about right. Although 
lucky me, I can daisy-chain another 10-changer off my existing one if I simply 
must have more. I bet they wouldn't share disc names, though...

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 84k, no more bozo audio, and don't get me started
1988 GTI 16V, 173k, if I drive *this* car it snows - aha! that's the way it 
works, eh?