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re: 91 200q vs S4/S6

I can report that my 91-200-q appears to have no top speed limiting device other than the product of frontal area and drag coefficient. 5950 in 5th, no problemo (only two miles between stop signs). Don't know who that was driving, tho...

I too noticed the apparent weight differences, from the NADA copies my Dad got before I bought the car. Don't know how accurate, but kind of interesting: 

90 100q		3263 lbs (non-q 3042)
90 200q 	3483 
90 V8		3946
91 200q		3627 (avant 3726)
91 V8 		3903 (?)
92 100q		3715 (avant 3892)
92 S4		3870
92 V8		3991
93 S4		3781 (carbon fiber trim makes it lighter? :)
93 V8		3991
94 S4		3825
94 V8		3991
95.5 S6		3825 (avant 3924)
97 A8q		3902

For a little non-Audi content. Dad's other-German-car 944T is cutting boost on him while on longer drives, restorable temporarily by cycling the key, he says. Claims this is typical of failing semiconductor devices and wants to blame new chips from PowerHaus. Should I explain that the chips are just lookup tables, or point him to the p-carphiles and let someone else tell him? That would be my real point, where is the Por-schephiles list located? TIA

Oh, and BTW, for all you prospective Bozo replacers (you know who you are) Crutchfield has the top-o-the-line Kenwood head unit as an online special for $170 less than what I paid for mine four months ago. But then I've been listening to mine for four months, so there. http://www.crutchfield.com of course

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 84k, Taos trip coming up next week, can you say "road trip"?
1988 GTI 16v, 174k, now that someone was kind enough to steal my detatchable-face head unit I can get another rotating Kenwood one. yay.