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Ideas for cleaning out old pilot bearing ...

Hi all,
... it's just me trying from a new address since AOL e-mail is down ...
AGAIN!  How much more were they going to start charging come April?

I meant to post this one earlier ... I am still paying for that incorrect
pilot bearing I tried to install in the 4kQ ... It turns out that that
sucker is really stuck in the hole in the crank!  I used my puller, and
ended up yanking the guts out ... yet the outer shell is still intact and
not wanting to budge.  Since this shell has a back on it I can't seem to
get a hacksaw in there to cut around the edge, and the metal seems to be so
hard as to resist a drill bit.  I tried bending the shell by twisting the
outer flange, but the metal is brittle and breaks rather than folding.  I
don't know if any of you will be able to provide much in the way of ideas,
but I thought I'd try.  Any ideas for a tool that might be able to help me
extricate myself from my current situation would be much appreciated!  If I
could get the thing out I'm sure I could have the car back on the road in a
few hours ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)