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Re: Resistor spark plugs?

Michael Hogan wrote:

>         I got a set of plugs from a parts place, Bosch Platinum WR7DP.  Since my
> ignition wires have the built in 5K resistors, will these resistor plugs
> adversely affect the performance of my 87.5 Coupe GT?  The Bentley manual
> specifies Bosch W7DTC plugs, except for California models, which take the
> resistor plugs.  Should I take these back?  Also, are the platinum plugs in
> general (non-resistor) a good choice for this engine.

One rule. Never put resistor plugs in a car that didn't come with them when new.
It's like useing prefauled your plugs. The added resistor will cut down spark
when the plug fires. Makeing the spark colder.

1990 CQ