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Re: El Nino and quattros

>  I haven't had much time to keep up with the list lately and I must
> confess that I am 31 digests behind. However, as the town I
> live in has recieved something like 20 inches(50.8 cm) of rain
> in about 14 days now is the time.
>  In the 10 months I've owned my 85 urq only in the last two weeks
> have I been able to truly appreciate it. I have driven it through mud,
> gravel, sand, torrential rain, trees, floodwaters and any combination
> of all those things. The car is just totally cool. I have to admit we've
> been out touring when most sane people were hiding. 

We were out there in it too. (I live near Anton in Santa Cruz County
CA.) Had to go to Cosco on Sunday. The place is normally a zoo with
herds of people packed in there. This time it was pleasantly vacant.
They even had these monster umbrellas for sale right by the door. I
wasn't the only one who bought one. We drove up the coast to look at
some of the wave action. Pretty fierce water out there. Anyway, it's
only water on the road (well, ok some mud, tree branches and other
detritus), but the Q's really love it. Looking forward to going to the
mountains in a few weeks for some snow. Hmmmm... now which q to drive up