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Re: 1986 4CSQ problem

> I would _NEVER_ fit a used metering head, even if I removed it myself
> and cling-filmed it on the spot.

Phil, you are usually right, but some of us would and do fit used fuel
distibuters. Case in point: 1980 Wabbit I purchased in 1986 for $1700
US. 4 door with all options, 70k miles in great condition. This was less
than half the going rate at the time. Problem was that this thing ran
like crap. Seemed fuel starved to my seat of the pants-o-meter. Checked
compression and it was right on, so I figured there was an injection
problem. Seller confirmed that they had spent over $1000 on the
injection which included a new fuel distributer. I bought it. Limped it
home and started messing with it. Bently showed Hall ignition, idle
stab, etc. , but this thing had points. Wait a minute, what's this
electrical plug on the fuel dist. for? They had put a 1980 California
fuel dist. in a non-Cal car. Went to the boneyard and picked up an
earlier type fuel dist, bolted it on, and the thing proceded to run
perfectly for the next 120k miles that I owned it. Oh, yeah, the fuel
dist cost 25 bucks.