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NEQ Winter Driving School!! NH/USA

 Is there someone in your family that doesn't like to drive in wintry
conditions, or worse, do they like to drive and you just worry about their
   Would you like to give that person (maybe yourself) more confidence and
skill in all kinds of road conditions in a fun and safe atmosphere?
  Do you believe that the most important safety feature in your family
vehicle should be the driver?
  If you can answer YES to any of these questions, then the NEQ-Winter
Driving School was designed for you, and anyone in your family that could
benefit by improving their skills behind the wheel when the weather turns
  Whether you consider yourself an experienced driver or are just starting
out, the NEQ Winter Driving School is a great opportunity to improve basic
skills or introduce yourself to a better understanding of your vehicle and
improve the skills you already possess.
  A Winter Driving School will help you to:
     Overcome the fear and anxiety of driving in difficult conditions
     Become safer and more confident behind the wheel
     Relax and enjoy driving more
     Develop good reflexes
     Arrive at your destination less tired
     Refine your driving skills
     The NorthEast Region of Quattro Club USA in conjunction with Tim
     O?Neil will be presenting a Winter Driving Safety School in the
     beautiful Franconia Notch area of New Hampshire on:
          March 7th and 8th 1998.
          With a severe conditions
          postponement date of
     Tim O'Neil is an affable instructor with years of experience, and is
     recognized around the world as a winner of five US and North American
     Rally Championships in addition to his impressive resume of
     This course is designed to familiarize drivers with the basic
     principles of vehicle control on snow and ice through classroom
     instruction and the opportunity to put new knowledge to work in a safe
     and controlled environment without the real world hazards of trees,
     guardrails, and school buses.
     Instruction and on-course practice will emphasize braking and skid
     control on prepared surfaces specifically designed to allow each
     student to gain real experience by doing and observing control
     techniques at the wheel with their instructors as well as with other
     students.  The emphasis of this course will be on the cause,
     recognition, effect, and corrective solutions to a variety of skid and
     braking situations that are exaggerated on snow and ice.
    For those students wishing to stay for the second day there will be a
    great opportunity to put all the skills you have learned together and
    participate in a time trial where students will go for smoothness and
       consistency? and may receive a small reward for their efforts!!!
                         Please respond on or before
                            FEBRUARY 18, 1998!!!!
              Reservations rec'd after 2/20 may not be accepted!
                                Serious Fun!!
    This NEQ Winter Driving School with Tim O'Neil will be an entertaining
    experience that will make you or a loved one a safer smoother driver.
    In just a day or two, you?ll learn extremely valuable principles which
    will improve your driving in the winter and all year long. Any driver;
    new or experienced, will enjoy and benefit from this course. ALL TYPES
                   of vehicles are welcome and encouraged!!
     The cost of the NEQ-Winter Driving School is $125 for 2 days of fun on
     the snow and ice.  Spaces for this special event are limited to ensure
        a better learning experience with personal attention.  Meals and
      lodging are not included, but are available at very reasonable costs
      in the local area.  There will be a mid-day break for lunch on both
                               days of the event.
      Please write a check for $125 per student payable to the NorthEast
     Quattro Club and mail to Bob Weintraub, 41 Norfield Woods, Weston, CT
                              06883 by Feb.  18!!
   Information on area lodging and registration will be mailed prior to the
     Due to the nature of this event and the limited number of students,
      refunds will not be processed unless the event is cancelled or your
     spot can be filled ($5 Fee).  If the school is overbooked your check
                   will be returned as soon as is practical.