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Re: The Reliability of the 90


>>>does anyone have an extra lower grill that goes between the fog lights
>>>a 90q? 1988 model?
>>>>i lost mine in the snow and have no clue where it went.  anyone know a
>>>good place i can order one?

Funny, same thing happened to me last weekend...only not completely
removed....let me know what you find.

Now, the reliability of the 90....well.... it's the most unreliable car
I've ever owned.
See the car and my troubles at:

In all fairness, my standards for reliability are high and I have been very
 lucky with other cars.

The bottom line is that in 20 months and 82,000 miles I've spent over $6300
 in repairs and major maintenance items
such as timing belts.  This does NOT include performance upgrades or
regular maintenance (oil, gas) or tires!

Love it when it's running...but OH, boy!

Paul Royal
Rings of Torture NH/USA