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Re: Snow and Ice Rally Results NH/USA

Not sure if you want to post to list or not (Since I cant!)
Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>      This past Saturday something that hasn't happened in almost a whole
> month occured.....my car didn't crap out on Saturday
> morning....yippee-ky-fruggin'-ay!  So what did I and 50 other like minded
> souls do?   We beat the crap out of our cars at the Snow and Ice '98 TSD
> Rally in and out of Bow, NH.
Definately had a good time, and there was some really good competition this
year. 54 cars ran, and a whole TON of Quattro's. I havent seen that many in
place in a lonnnng time! As you mention Paul, something went south in the
morning, we maxxed a leg (300) and that hurt us really badly. When the
were in we wound up 6th in our class (probably out of 5!)... since mark and
doubted that number, we rechecked their math. We were right, they gave us
extra 200 points we didnt really need :) That placed us somewhere around
3rd in
 Irrelavant of the score, we had an absolute blast. Paul "I swear, I was
at the Bar" Royal owes us a  round of Sam Adams, although Im not sure
why... :)
Chris Semple and Stott are on my Sh!t list. They brought us to a Mexican
restaurant the night before, and I had to be in the car with Mark the next
for 9 hours! Thank God for sunroofs!!! :)  The good side is, the waitress
throw us out of the restaurant...
Bob Weintraub and I had some fun (He in his S6 and me in Mark's 4000Q) at
odo check in the morning. When a snowmobile trailer pulled into the road
STOPPED, Bob stopped quickly and straight, I, however, without ABS, snow
etc, had to find some creative ways to scrub off speed. Almost had to ditch
thing because I wasnt about to hit an S6!! Bob enthusiastically thanked me
later in the day for saving his car :)
When Bob missed a turn a few miles later, I took the opportunity (Thanks to
navigator) to promptly pass him sideways with 4 rooster tails and get in
of him. (Is this allowed on TSD rallies??) ;-)
For those who couldnt make it, I highly suggest it for next year. Paul,
year, your history!