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Re: Uneconomical to repair


> The insurance company has just informed me that F600 JVJ is considered
> "uneconomical to repair".
> After GBP14000 over four years - GBP1300 only last December.  It's
> been valued
> at GBP5500 (despite several cars having changed hands at GBP11000+
> recently)
> and the insurance company wants to scrap it.

I presume that your car was comprehensively insured, and as such it
seems that your insurers are missing the point. Having had to do battle
with an insurer before to stop them writing off my last car (Santana
GX5i) it occurs to me that their obligation to you, under the terms of
fully comp., is to either fix your car to the same state as before the
crash, or write off the car and provide you with the cash to purchase

Given your figures above I find it almost impossible to believe that
they have come to the conclusion that it is cheaper to write it off,
rather than repair.

Have you provided them with details on current market values/private

Sorry if you've already done all that, but I have a real hatred for


Tim Morgan
Audi 90 qs 20v