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RE: Fizzicks in Audis

Howdy folks:
   I'm really supprised that no one pulled out the old history books...Audi 
already proved it's self in that bastion of american cubic horse power road 
racing...Trans Am. Winning both the manufactures and drivers championship in '88 
with Hurley Haywood. Then to level the playing field or to make Jack Rouch stop 
bitching added alot of lead to the cars just like our friend in europe did over 
the last year in BTC. So after leaving SCCAs Trans Am they moved over to the 
more technically challenging IMSA GTO series with the 90 quattro, no 
championship but the "most wins" award went to Hans Stuck. Car performance is 
much larger in scope that the first 80 feet of a drag race, traction, balance, 
braking, and ability to put power to the ground after(or even before) the apex 
is what its really all about.  Just look at Daytona this year (24 hour one not 
the red neck one) at how (un)well Roush (i.e. Ford) prepare equipment went.
   Oh by the way the original GT40 was powered by the 260/289 V8 while it was 
under John Wyers program, with little or no succsess...it took the 7 liter cars 
under Carol Shelby to show the success we all remember, along with a real 
aerodynamic going over.
Rick Glesner
'82 911 SC
'83 RX-7 Spec Racer
looking for a 90q20v white maybe/gray cloth???