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Re: Fizzicks in Audis

I remember watching these races on ESPN when I was younger. I remember seeing the
quattro race through an "s" turn flawlessly and a Nissan (I think) try to follow him
and end up doing a nice 180 deg. spin because it was a rwd POS. I also remember
reading later that year in Autoweek how Audi was forced out because of new rules
designed to limit the car's power. Sure do miss that footage.


Harry R Glesner III wrote:

> Howdy folks:
>    I'm really supprised that no one pulled out the old history books...Audi
> already proved it's self in that bastion of american cubic horse power road
> racing...Trans Am. Winning both the manufactures and drivers championship in '88
> with Hurley Haywood. Then to level the playing field or to make Jack Rouch stop
> bitching added alot of lead to the cars just like our friend in europe did over
> the last year in BTC. So after leaving SCCAs Trans Am they moved over to the
> more technically challenging IMSA GTO series with the 90 quattro, no
> championship but the "most wins" award went to Hans Stuck. Car performance is
> much larger in scope that the first 80 feet of a drag race, traction, balance,
> braking, and ability to put power to the ground after(or even before) the apex
> is what its really all about.  Just look at Daytona this year (24 hour one not
> the red neck one) at how (un)well Roush (i.e. Ford) prepare equipment went.
>    Oh by the way the original GT40 was powered by the 260/289 V8 while it was
> under John Wyers program, with little or no succsess...it took the 7 liter cars
> under Carol Shelby to show the success we all remember, along with a real
> aerodynamic going over.
> Rick Glesner
> '82 911 SC
> '83 RX-7 Spec Racer
> looking for a 90q20v white maybe/gray cloth???