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Re: Seattle area mechanic and 80Q mileage...

My 88 90q (same car) gets 20 city & up to 28 observed highway.


W. Lemley wrote:

> Hi all.
>         I recently purchased an '88 80Q 5sp and am in need of
> recommendations on where to get it serviced.  I looked in the FAQ, but
> there were very few Seattle area wrenches listed.  I live in N. Seattle
> (near the UW), so anything local would be helpful.
>         On another note, my mileage has recently dropped (according to the
> trip computer AND my own calculations) to around 15.5 MPG (!).  Now, I
> don't exactly baby the thing, but I'm not charging up Pikes Peak either.
> When I bought it 10 months ago, I was getting around 20 MPG in the city.
> It's been about 15,000 miles since the last tuneup, so I imagine this has
> something to do with it.  My question is this:  what kind of mileage are
> other people with this car and configuration getting?
>         Thanks in advance,
>                                         -Will Lemley