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New (used) car questions

Pardon the barrage of new-owner questions, but here goes.  I just bought
a '95 S6 Avant and looking through the owners manuals I'm wondering:

.  how hard is it to get the security code for the radio?  I will check
with the PO, but I noticed that the wallet card with the code was not
with the documentation he gave me.  On my Miata there's a "universal"
security code that was widely posted on the net (this was also
controversial, but that's another story).

  I also noticed that there's a key code tag that comes with the new
car.  This was also missing, but I'm assuming that any Audi dealer could
give me this given the VIN.  Is that true?

.  The S6 addendum seems to suggest that some sort of cargo net came
with the car.  Has anyone heard of/or seen this?  The photo shows it
attached to the four tie-down rings in the back.

.  Finally, the information on the Bose stereo talks about an Alpine 6
CD changer that can be mounted in the left, rear cargo compartment.
I've already got one of these in another car, does anyone know if this
is plug and play, or is the Audi/Alpine unit customized in some way?
I've looked in the cargo compartment for the DIN plug, but haven't found
it yet.

BTW, I love this car.  We have been driving a '92 Subaru wagon.  Not a
bad car for the money, but rather a chinky interior and not enough power
to get out of it's own way.  We've looked at Volvo wagons (I know, I
know), the A4 Avant, the new Subaru's, and used 5-series touring cars.
Of these, the A4 in Brilliant Yellow was our first choice, but then this
S6 came up for sale.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jeff Maurer

Jeff Maurer, Mgr, Service & Operations Applications
Information Technology
In Focus Systems, Inc.