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Re: And the mustang wins!

At 01:56 PM 2/11/98 +0000, Phil Payne wrote:

>Porsche can't afford _not_ to innovate, and because their whole operation is 
>smaller (and, dare I say it - smarter) they can do it.  Audi's whole
>is based on "Vorsprung durch Technik".
>Motor racing is more and more a field in which I don't expect to see 
>innovation.  I expect 'ra ra', sponsorship, driver competition, etc.

Porsche's innovations come FROM their racing programs.  That's their R&D.  

The 911 hasn't had a significant change for years...at least as long as the
Ford 302 development cycle.  The original design was ahead of it's time,
but the other manufacturers did catch up.  I believe that Porsche continued
to sell it's models because they had equal or greater performance to the
rest of the market, but more importantly, because they had craftsmanship.
The engines are hand built, the paint in excellent, etc etc...the cars put
up to abuse.  They are timeless.

GM and Ford's racing programs are mostly advertising opportunities.

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net
- '98 A4q 2.8
- ISO '78-'83 Porsche 911