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Sunpro 7678 for $49.95?

A  couple of weeks ago there was a thread re: digital multimeters.  Thanks
to Igor for his post at that time pointing out that Griot's catalog has a
DMM for $49.95 that appeared to have the desired features...duty cycle,
dwell and rpm (incl 5 cyl engine), diode check, etc.   I was shopping for a
DMM and looked at the Sunpro 7678 in the store here and saw they had two
versions...one was yellow and made in Korea and the other was dark gray and
made in China, with local prices ranging from $80 - 100.  

Yesterday I  received a copy of Griot's catalog and there is a clear
picture of this DMM... by all appearances it is identical to the Sunpro
7678 made in China.   When I called Griot's to ask for a catalog  I asked
them where their DMM was made, or by who and they said they were not able
to give that information.  Griot's phone number is 1-800-345-5798.  Their
catalog has lots of neat stuff even if you don't want their DMM.

Do I need the disclaimer?   No affiliation with Griot's, not receiving a
commission from Griot's, yada yada... :-)

David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS  
'89 100E with rare manually cranked sunroof
'86 4KCSQ w/Koni Sport adj. & LOUD exhaust