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Re: ATF in oil?

Johann wrote:

>Did I hear right?  Did someone say a few months back that adding ATF >in the oil just before a change would clean things out?

You heard right.  A few months back there was a thread on the List about different "gunk removal" techniques, ranging from aspirating small amounts of water into the intake manifold while the engine was running to clean the combustion chambers, to removing the plugs, draining the oil, and spinning the engine on the starter to get the gunky oil out of the lifters (!), to adding  to 1 quart of ATF to the oil (don't overfill)  just prior to a oil/filter change so that the detergent in the ATF could work on the gunk.  The ATF-in-the-oil sounds like the least difficult and risky.  I was thinking maybe put a new filter on _before_ adding the ATF, adding it, running the engine for an hour or so, and then changing oil and filter again, an extra $5 bucks or so, but at least you know that anything you dislodge with the ATF is going to get trapped by a clean filter.

Best Wishes,