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Fwd: Fuel odor - Radio info - ABS diag

You said:
>My second question involves the 10 speaker audio system. I am not, nor have I
>ever been a fan of VW/Audi turn off the radio yourself design. I therefore am
>considering putting in a spare Blaupunkt Savanna (4x25 or so power). When I
>called Crutchfield they said I needed a power match unit amongst other items.
>Does my system have a separate AMP or common grounding? What is Duo Sound?
>I get a manual for the audio system?


The front speakers are connected directly to the front speakers (no
"booster" amp in the circuit). You can connect them directly to the front
channel of your Blaupunkt.  The rear speakers are connected through a
smaller "booster" amp bolted to the under side of the rear deck.  This amp
is not worth the power it would take to blow it to h*ll!  In fact, there is
only one real problem with this amp....because its so light, it is
difficult throw it very far.  Bypass it and connect the rear speakers
directly to the output of your rear channel amp in the Blau using the
existing wiring.  You will not need a "power match unit" in this case.  In
my car I found that the car had been wired out of phase in the rear deck
since new!  No wonder the sound had such weak bass!